Shield 616 Program

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Paraclete packages are body armor for police officers.




We Got Your Back supports and promotes the Shield616 program.

The program aims to equip every officer with necessary advanced active shooter / crowd control gear. Secondly it provides a support group for that officer who will pray for the officer and family on a daily basis and shower the officer with support and encouragement throughout the year.

Shield616 was mindful of limited department budgets. Not only will all of the gear be donated but replaced every five years at no cost to any officer or department.

Donations will be designated for the officer of your choice:

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Step 1
Fill in this form and click the Send button

    Step 2
    Click this button to make your donation:

    After clicking the button, a new window will open that looks like this:

    shield 616 donate page

    Next, fill in your information to make your donation.

    Paraclete packages presentation
    Shield616 hosts a vest presentation where all of the donated gear is on display. We also invite all the officers who have been selected to get the gear along with the sponsors who have donated the gear.

    During the presentation, sponsors can see their officer receive their gear. They will also have the opportunity for a face to face introduction for the first time as well at photo opportunities.

    We HIGHLY encourage both officers and sponsors to participate in the vest presentation, it’s a powerful and uplifting event.

    The goal of the sponsorship is to provide the officer with support, encouragement, and prayer throughout the year. We want to build new and stronger relationships between local law enforcement and the citizens they serve.